Do you feel... Weird?

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my sweetie in the kitchen and said

"I feel..."

and he said

"Let me guess? ...You feel... Weird?".

First came uproarious laughter, then a pause. 

Hmm...  Is it possible that I feel weird a lot? 

It's true.  I'm often saying "I feel weird" or "I feel funny", so it's not surprising that he could finish my sentence but what does it mean?

When I looked at it more closely I realized that I feel weird when I don't feel 100% like myself.  Not like Cecilia Moorcroft, but that feeling in my heart and being that feels like ME, the real me, the bigger me, the me that doesn't feel... weird.

Thus began the hunt for more ME in my life.  When did I feel weird?  When did I feel not weird?  When did I feel AMAZING?

I call it the Weird Barometer, Weirdometer (? Thanks Gaby!), and is it ever helpful.

If I feel weird, then it means that something is off and most likely what's off is that I'm not in alignment with what's true for me. 

I told you a couple of weeks ago, that what's true for me is this feeling in my heart, the heart wings feeling. 

The fact is, not everything I do makes me feel that way. 

I recently said yes to something that I probably should have said no to and boy did my heart wings kick up a fuss.  They got all ruffled and went straight to sulking, wings crossed in a huff. 

Yuck, that didn't feel good. So, I went back and said that I had changed my mind.  I said no. 

It was hard.  It was uncomfortable, but as soon as I did my heart wings sighed in relief and went to work grooming themselves so they could stretch out again. 

Since the "I feel...let me guess? feel weird" day I actually feel weird a lot less, in fact more often than not I have the heart with wings feeling and I have to say, it's a much sweeter place to live. 

It's easier to say no to things that I have a feeling will bring on the weird and yes to the things that will make my heart wings hula hoop to Dance Mix '92.  

Thank goodness for the people who know me best, thank goodness for my sweetie. 

The fact is I was saying "I feel weird" so much that it felt normal to say it and more importantly it felt normal to feel it.  I don't want it to be normal that I feel weird, I want it to be normal to feel like ME!

Am I the only one?

Do you ever feel weird, off or funny?

What does it feel like, when you feel like YOU?

What helps you to feel less weird and more like yourself?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below and you know what?  It would definitely make me feel more like ME if you did.  Not that you should do it for me, you should do it for you and then send it to your friend who is always complaining that she feels... weird.




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