What Is The Benefit Of Your Clutter? - F Clutter Wednesdays

Hello from Spain! I'm here for a couple of weeks which is super exciting. (We can blame the jetlag for the typo in the first edition). 

A few weeks ago I mentioned the idea that you might be getting something out of your clutter and a woman on Facebook wanted a bit more information about this notion. 

This question "What is the benefit of your clutter?" Is an incredibly valuable question to ask and keep asking when you get stuck. Why? Because if you can figure out why the clutter is there that will help you get one step closer to being able to clear it. 

Watch the the video to find out what some of those benefits might be...

My question for you is: What is the benefit of your clutter? You might want to journal here for a bit. You could even complete this sentence stem TEN times to dig a little deeper each time. "The benefit of my clutter is..." Comment below to let me know how it goes.

I'm going to be staying at a Monestary next Wednesday (!!!) so it might be tricky to get a video out to you but I'll send you one for sure the following week from my sister's place in Berlin.