Clearing Clutter After A Loved One Dies - F Clutter Wednesdays

Death, loss and grief and not topics that we talk about often out in the world but it's difficult to go very far without them coming up in our clutter clearing process.

Just last week I had an email from a subscriber asking "Can you recommend any resources around clutter clearing after a loved one dies?" so I thought we could talk a little bit about this today.

I wanted to start by saying that if you've recently (or not so recently) lost a love one I send you my love. All of it...

Things to keep in mind when clearing clutter after a loved one dies:

  • be gentle - this is not a time to push, force or rush

  • get support - this is a time to have a friend come over in person or hang out with your over skype while you clear clutter

  • let the maybes be - if you're uncertain about letting go of something, you don't have to - there are some more tips in the video

What have you experienced around clearing clutter after a loved one has died? What are some resources that helped you?comment below to let me know.

If you're curious about the Grief Recovery Method here's a link to the book that I mentioned in the video. A quick reminder that this is something that you'll want to do with other people whether you get together with a friend over several weeks or whether you join a group (they have them all over the world). I have found this work to be incredibly healing and helpful.

Sending you all of my love and this is a BIG topic so if you have any more questions around this please let me know.