How To Open? - F Clutter Wednesdays

Ack! I almost forgot to do this week's video. Luckily it's because I was having too much fun (yay fun!) but as I've mentioned before, whether I'm having a shitty day or a good day this is important to me so better late than never. :)

Karen on Facebook asked for some clarification on opening:

"I am having a hard time understanding how this idea of working from an open place would work in real life. It's always really helpful to me when you give an example from your own life or work - would this be possible?"

So here are some examples from my life which I hope are helpful. 

Did you ever have a time where you just opened? Where you dropped the fight, stepped forward instead of stepping back, when you let go? I'd love to hear about it, comment below to let me know.

You know what darling? I love you... and you can do this, keep going and remember I'm always here so if you have a question or you get stuck reach out.