Let Your Feels Flow - F Clutter Wednesdays

In the unpacking of my final boxes I came across some pretty charged items. My first instinct was to put them away to deal with later (which I did) but on Saturday in preparation for a space clearing I knew I wanted to empty those boxes and deal with the hard stuff. 

The most important thing when you've dealing with emotionally charged clutter is to allow yourself to have whatever emotions are there to feel. To let your feelings flow. 

Find out more of my experience of letting my feelings flow by watching the video: 

Have you had experiences with feelings or emotions coming up while you cleared clutter? How did you manage them? Comment below to let me know.

I feel all the love for you and I love allowing it to flow. You're a superstar and keep moving forward, you've got this. Also remember you can always ask me questions and I may use them as inspiration for future videos. Yay!