What To Do With Junk Drawers (Or Bowls, Or Boxes) - F Clutter Wednesdays

First off I want to say THANK YOU for participating in the 4 day F Clutter mini Challenge. It was fun to be able to engage with you more often and fun to see that even 15 minutes a day for 4 days can have an impact. Yay!

During the 4 day challenge this question came up so I thought I would use this week's video to address it:

"In my 4 day journey, I have encountered many small boxes and bowls filled with indeterminate objects which are most frustrating to deal with. I am finding them everywhere!!! They pretty much stop me in my tracks. Any thoughts, Cecilia?"

Can you relate to the junk bowls (or boxes or drawers?). What sorts of things live there? What if you set a 15 minute timer RIGHT NOW and went through one of your junk bowls and was ruthless about getting rid of the maybes?  Comment below to let me know. 

Keep going, keep f'ing clutter and keep checking in and asking for support from each other in the facebook group. Yay!