F Clutter Wednesdays - Advanced Time Container Techniques

Remember the Time Container? It's the back bone of our clutter clearing work.

Do you need it to clear clutter? No. Can it make clutter clearing easier? YES, especially if you have a hard time starting (or stopping).

There was a request in the facebook group for some advanced Time Container Techniques especially if you have trouble hearing the timer. 

My suggestion? Use a another person instead of a machine to keep you on task. 

You can watch the video of me in my big orange scarf to see what I had to say (plus some exciting personal news)!

So... What do you think? Ready to make a date with another real live human being? Comment below to let me know. Also I'd love to hear from you if you have any tips that have helped you to stick to and use Time Containers. Yay!

You rock you clutter fucking warrior and I love you.