F Clutter Wednesdays - The First Thing I Bought For My New Place!

As you know I have just moved into a new place. This is the first settled home I've had in over a year. The thing is, I have no furniture... You may remember that when I blew up my life last year I left pretty much everything behind. 

It's been humbling to be middle aged and sleeping on an air mattress (ouch my hips!). So I want you go guess what my first purchase was once we were settled?

Was it a bed, a couch? Maybe a comfy chair or two?

Click on the video to find out what it was!

Were you surprised it was a vacuum cleaner? What do you notice when you vacuum with intention? Comment below to let me know.

I'm off now to buy some actual furniture which is very exciting. I hope you're doing well and always feel free to check in along your clutter clearing journey, I'd love to hear from you.