F Clutter Wednesdays - Time!

I'm still in North Eastern California in the high desert. The internet is patchy here so I'm getting to you a little late but it's still Wednesday in California. 

Today we're talking about TIME. Time is a magical and mysterious thing. It's hard to say how long a task will take because how you approach it has such a huge influence. 

In my experience tasks expand to fit the time that we give them. The more focused, specific and realistic you can be about your task the better. 

I gave myself a one minute time container for this week's video and I think I did ok. 

Your TIME challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to choose a specific task and set a timer for how long you think it will take and then do it! If you want to have fun with this see if you can beat the timer. 

Comment below to let me know.

Go forth and fuck clutter and make friends with time. Sending lots of love from California. I'll be back in Canada next week. :)