Q&A Wednesday - What About Other People's Clutter?

Welcome to the very first Fuck Clutter Q & A Wednesday video. I'll be making a video once a week to answer your burning clutter clearing questions. If you have a question you can go ahead and hit reply and let me know what it is. 

Today's question is about other people's clutter, kids clutter and the clutter that belongs to the other adults you live with. Juicy... 

To watch the video click on the picture of me trying to find a tactful way to tell you that you can't clear other people's clutter without their permission. 

The 2 week challenge is over but that doesn't mean you have to leave what you've learned behind. Comment below to let me know.

Remember you don't have to do it perfectly or all at once and 15 minutes is a great place to start. 

Yay!! Sending you all the love and I'll see you next Wednesday! :)