If you're tired, take a nap

About an hour ago I found myself scrolling mindlessly through facebook on my phone while half thinking of writing you this note when I realized that I was tired.

I was tired so I took a nap! 

Screen shot 2019-02-06 at 5.28.47 PM.png

*gasp* Say What?!

I've been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks about this idea of nourishment. I've been thinking of it in relationship to food because I just got an Instant Pot and it has me excited about food again after a phase of feeling uninspired and I'm feeling nourished by my own cooking in a way I haven't felt for awhile.  

I also feel nourished by my nap and I feel amused that it was difficult to just accept that I was tired and needed to sleep.

It seems obvious but if it was hard maybe it isn't so obvious. 

Which has me thinking about other times:

  • When I've eaten chips when I'm sad instead of connecting with myself and my feelings and letting them flow. 

  • When I've felt stuck and I've hunkered down in my stuckness instead of moving my body, even if it's just a teensy bit. 

  • When I've needed help and instead of reaching out for support I've isolated myself further. 

  • When I've felt hungry but haven't eaten.

  • When I've felt full but haven't stopped.

I imagine there are many other examples of this. What are some of yours?

My new moon intention is to eat when I'm hungry, nap when I'm tired and reach out when I need support. What's yours?


p.s. I love my clients and I love that my one on one practice has been growing over the past few months. At the moment I have room for just TWO more clients before filling my current capacity. I would LOVE to work with you if you feel called. Some of the things I've been helping clients with lately:

  • better communication

  • being more playful and creative!

  • self confidence

  • clearing clutter to make room for a promotion at work

If you're curious please contact me with your phone number and a few good times to reach you this week and I'll call you to say hi and set up a time for a complimentary no pressure Clarity Call to help you get clear on what you want support with and how I can help. 

p.p.s. Yay! 

Are You Asking For What You *Really* Want?

“Do you want to pull over here?” I asked. 
“No” he replied.

My friend Ken and I were driving between San Francisco and LA along California Hwy 1, one of the most beautiful highways in the world with incredible views of the Pacific Coast.

“What about here? Do you want to pull over here?” I asked as we approached another turn off with a breathtaking view.
“Not really” he replied again.
“Well, what about this spot? Do you want to pull over?” I asked my fists clenched, my voice tight as the most beautiful view yet came up on our right.
“Nope” said Ken.
Why wasn’t Ken doing what I wanted? Wasn’t I being clear about wanting him to pull over so I could take in the view? 
No, I wasn’t.
I was asking if he wanted to pull over and he didn’t want to pull over.

This was many years ago but if I’m remembering correctly in the end I got angry and he pulled over but it would have been much more fulfilling if I could have just asked for what I wanted.
Here are some ways I could have been clear about what I wanted.
“Ken, this view is absolutely gorgeous would you be willing to pull over?”
“Can you please pull over at the turn off ahead?”
“I’d love to stop and take in the view, can we stop at the viewpoint ahead?”
So often we think that we’re being straightforward and direct when we’re actually making huge assumptions in our communication. 
Even as someone with extensive communication training through Cuddle Party, Authentic Relating and Non-Violent communication, it’s still hard for me to identify what it is that I want and ask for it clearly.
Just as I was writing this my partner called from California where he’s meditating this week.

It was loud where he was and I felt distracted. Instead of asking for what I wanted I said “It’s really loud…” in an irritated voice followed quickly with “I’m sorry sweetie, it would have been nicer to just ask you to move.” as he was already on his way to somewhere quieter.
The times that I can ask for what I want clearly are so amazing!

Sometimes we think we're being pushy by asking for what we want when in fact we're being clear and kind. We're also making it much more likely that we're actually going to GET what we want. 

It's not a guarantee but it certainly ups the odds. 

Are you clear about what you want? Are you asking for it?

I dare you to ask for something you really want today and let me know how it goes. 
Love and clarity,

p.s. I love working on the subtleties of communication and helping clients figure out what they really want. If you want to be more powerful in your communication and your desires let’s talk. Just contact me and write “I want to set up a Clarity Call” with your phone number and we’ll set up a time to have a no pressure chat about what’s working, what’s not working and how I can help. I have room for a couple new clients and would love to work with YOU.

p.p.s. Yay! 


I’m in the middle of nowhere on an extinct volcano meditating from morning until night for the next two weeks. I feel so grateful to be here.

Pond at sunrise by Cecilia Moorcroft

Pond at sunrise by Cecilia Moorcroft

It doesn’t feel like the time to write very much so I’ll keep this short.
In the meditation work that I do we use a term for when life pulls us out, it’s exvolution. We experience exvolution pretty much every time we get on our phone, open our email, turn on the TV or walk out our door. Exvolution pulls us out of ourselves, out of our centre.

The cure to exvolution is involution. Involution is the process of going inside. Not inside our minds with our endless thoughts and worries but into the core of ourselves. The place that’s quiet and still. It’s not easy to get there but those moments of involution are so precious to me.

I’m curious what pulls you out in your life and what helps you to go back inside to the place that’s quiet and still?
Sending much love from this still and quiet space.
p.s. I’ll be back home on August 7th and full of fire and momentum for my clients. If you’re curious to work with me contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk as soon as I’m off the mountain. I have 2 slots open and would LOVE to work with you especially if you’re eager for transformation.
p.p.s. More love…

p.p.p.s. Today is a full moon, total lunar eclipse with the moon conjunct Mars. I'm not sure what it means but it sounds intense!