About me

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Hi! I'm Cecilia Moorcroft: clutter coach, life coach, IST practitioner, speaker and workshop facilitator.

I'm not the one you hire to colour code your closet, optimize your kitchen cupboards or create a new filing system.

I AM the one who can look right through you into the heart of what makes you tick.

I can see what you care about and what you could care less about.

I can tell when you’re kidding yourself.

I know what emotional time bombs you’re avoiding in that box full of old greeting cards, that garbage bag in your closet, that pile of bills on your desk. I am an archeologist. 

I help you to sift through your clutter and your past so you can find out who you really are, who you are becoming.

There's something that you want to achieve. And this is more important than whatever comfort you are getting out of your clutter, out of staying stuck.

I want to help you find that gleaming beacon of truth on your horizon, and to get rid of anything that is standing in the way of you reaching it -- whether that's physical clutter, or the limiting beliefs inside your head. 

It could be that book you want to write. The relationship you want to have. The mother you want to become. The business you want to rock.

There's something you want -- but you’re afraid of wanting it.  It’s easier to watch another episode of Gilmour Girls than it is to face the emptiness you’re trying to fill. So you keep filling it: with youtube videos, cupcakes and piles and piles of stuff.

If you're ready to look at yourself and your patterns honestly, and if you're ready to finally get unstuck -- get in touch with Cecilia Moorcroft and tell her: "be honest."

-- Sarah Selecky, Giller Nominated author of This Cake is for the Party and creator of Story is a State of Mind

Things you should know about me:

  1. If something scares me, I do it.

  2. I collect bowls. Little ones are my favorite, but I also love my big wooden salad bowl and the peacock blue bowl my mother brought me back from Turkey

  3. I used to be a cuddle party facilitator and got paid to wear pajamas.

  4. I laughed so hard I fell off a chair on reality television (see #1).

  5. I love tea and my teapot. I don't drink, so having a friend over for tea and hatching plans for world love-ination (as opposed to domination) is my version of getting loaded and looking at old yearbook pictures.

  6. My main hobby is meditating. I didn't think I would, ever. I was a fidgety stressed mess who couldn't sit still for a minute. Now, luxury is getting an hour to sit every morning.

  7. I love my dog's eyebrows. They are probably the cutest thing on the planet, although her ears are a close second.

I want to help you.

Clear out the clutter in your entryway and living room, so you can have your friends over for dinner like you always wanted to.

Clear out the old memories and ill-fitting clothes from your bedroom closet, so all your clothes fit you and you feel confident and ready to go on that date.

Start writing today. Not when you’re perfect, not when you’re done clearing your clutter, not when you’re ready.  I want you to start now.

Quit your job and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.  Make music, change the world, write a book, charge what you’re worth, do yoga in the park, become a healer.

I’m rooting for you. I’m not going to let you forget what’s important to you. I’m not going to let you forget what you want.  

I am holding your dreams up to the sky as truth.

What are you making space for?  How can I help?

Take care,