Marie Kondo’s got NOTHING on the amazing Cecilia Moorcroft!
— Jessica Westhead author of critically acclaimed short story collection And Also Sharks

Happy Clients


Clutter Coaching

I want it to be known far and wide that Marie Kondo's got NOTHING on the amazing Cecilia Moorcroft. My husband and I hired Cecilia to work her decluttering magic on our new apartment and it was one of the best investments we ever made. In her kind, patient and unsettlingly perceptive way, Cecilia sat us down and helped us see everything in our space that was weighing us down emotionally (and sometimes literally, including the behemoth of a filing cabinet filled with unsatisfying stories and novels I'd never finished that she wisely convinced us to jettison), and how to let it all go. I'm also certain that her intervention played a big role in our making space to expand our family. Thank you Cecilia forever,


- Jessica Westhead - Author of critically acclaimed short story collection And Also Sharks, Toronto

 "Huge appreciation for you Goddess Cecilia!!! Loved loved loved our session!! Feeling like I let go of a lot physically and emotionally and spiritually!!"

- Julie Ann - Accountant, Vancouver


I'm only 5 REAL hours away from having my home really really effing tidy -- bills filed and papers sorted... the whole 9 yards.  it's wild. 

Thank you tremendously for helping me to tell my story that day about space and home and heartache.

I can't even say how giant a hug I want to give you.

You have been such a gift.

xo V - Toronto

I played around with having Cecilia come and help me out for a long time after I attended one of her incredible workshops. I had a lot of great information from the group work but I knew I needed help on a personal level.

I didn’t, because I was afraid. I could hardly handle the mess around me, how could I have someone come in. I also had been sure I didn’t mind a mess. Usually, I just made jokes about it. I hardly noticed that I stopped inviting people over. Closing myself in with my clutter and creating more distance. The clutter around me started to cause problematic clutter in my mind.  It became a bigger issue than just clutter.

I wish I hadn’t spent a week biting my cuticles before she came, because it sure wasn’t worth it. Cecilia came in with purpose and not an ounce of judgment. Immidiately I felt at ease and let go of any shame I carried. With a really great sense of humour she helped me see where some of my personal challenges lay and we got to work. I reclaimed my dining room and can now entertain!

Cecilia provided me with a systematic approach to getting daily work done and also working on the clutter, and keeping them separate.

Like a clutter whisperer, she came in, transformed, inspired and gave me real tools to work with for the rest of my life.

Maryanne Paul, Kitchener

Life Coaching

I want to thank you again Cecilia.  

Working with you has been one of the best things I have ever done! 

Before we started working together I would solicit advice from everyone I knew, asking ‘what I should do?’ about all of the decisions in my life. I didn’t feel confident trusting my inner voice to make those decisions myself. I do not do that- at all, ever- anymore. I make a point of keeping decision making to myself, or to be discussed with supportive friends- just discussed, not to ask for advice.

THANK YOU! This is huge! I love it.  You are totally excellent at your job.
— Jewel McMillan - Teacher, Singapore

Cecilia's sharp, crystalline insight has kept me on track in my creative life, my business life, and my emotional life for the past six years: she's a triple threat! If you're ready to look at yourself and your patterns honestly, and if you're ready to finally get unstuck -- get in touch with Cecilia Moorcroft and tell her: "be honest.

- Sarah Selecky - Giller nominated author of This Cake is for the Party

Feng Shui

I booked a session with Cecilia without any particular knowledge of Feng Shui, or a strong belief in its principles. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted specifically from the session. I just knew that I needed to make positive changes in my life, and was curious to explore ways that could help make that happen. “Why not start with my living space?” I thought.

Over the course of a few hours, I was surprised by what Cecilia helped me learn about myself. I feel I am a thoughtful and sensitive person … yet I’d been completely unaware of the counter-productive messages that I’d been imprinting on my personal space. Based on Cecilia’s intuitive analysis and creative suggestions, I made various changes to my living area to invite both a romantic partner and travel into my life. (Those were two things that I really wanted, that I hadn’t quite been able to commit to -- or admit to -- wanting!) A few months later, I met the man who was to become my husband. We became engaged at the start of a month of travel through Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt. This was not coincidence at work: this was intention. Thanks for helping me identify and activate that intention, Cecilia.

-Shannon Robinson, Toronto

I had an extraordinary experience with your services! I think what you do is simply awesome! I have been meaning to write you! My life has exploded since your consultation, and I've only gotten about half of the things done that you talked about!!

John and I are engaged! and I am partnering up with those women to open the birth center and family wellness center in Culver City!

Katie, Los Angeles

After a bout with cancer two years ago, I asked Cecilia to help me to create an area for enhancing good health based on feng shui principles. She was kind and generous about contributing to my recovery. Now every time I walk by my health area I remind myself to live well.

Theo Heras, Toronto


Workshops and Groups

Hi Cecilia,

I want to thank you....

I was a participant in your Clearing Clutter for Clarity course at Sheena's, it was very powerful and freeing for me. I've since de-cluttered not only my 5 bookcases but my entire downstairs and also my bathroom! THANK YOU!

Christine :)