Love, Love, Love

Hello you! You know what? I am so incredibly grateful for you. You are brave, you are inspiring and I’m in awe of how you challenge yourself on a daily basis. Sure, some days the challenge is getting out of bed and having a shower. That’s ok because there are also the days where you slay dragons and rescue royalty and sometime’s even rescue yourself.

It’s Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day/Palentine’s Day if that’s more your speed) and I wanted to take a moment to say that I love you and appreciate you deeply.

I also have a question for you.

How do you love and appreciate yourself?

It could be a big thing or a small thing and I’d love to hear it in the comments below (I have a comments section that works, that’s so exciting!)

Today I loved myself by listening to music and dancing in the bathroom while I got ready. I’m also feeling deep appreciation for myself for creating this new website. Go me!

Sending so much love to you!



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Overcoming Underearning - Money Talk

I wasn't planning on having a New Years Resolution this year but I found myself with one accidentally when I was journalling through Susannah Conway's Unravel Your Year the first week of January. 

"I want to master money" I wrote. 

Screen shot 2019-02-05 at 4.51.09 PM.png

I had just received a small inheritance and I didn't want to f*ck it up. 

Money has been something that I've avoided over the years. I've accumulated and paid off debt. I've closed my eyes and hoped for the best but it was becoming clear that my relationship with money was out of integrity. 

Can you relate?

The first thing I did was to sign up for You Need A Budget (or YNAB for short). It's an online budgeting tool with free training and a perfectionist resistant approach that I can use despite my self employed variable income. It's the first budgeting approach that has made sense to my brain and that acknowledges that we're not all 9-5ers with a steady paycheque and an aptitude for money stuff. 

The second thing I did was to do work through Barbara Stanny's Overcoming Underearning book. It's a book you DO not a book you read. I wrote it in, I journaled, I walked around thinking about my relationship to money and most importantly I did (almost) all of the exercises. I still have 2 more exercises to complete but I took her seriously when I heard the advice to do every single exercise in the book. 

One of the biggest shifts that came from the book (and there have been many) has been the invitation to STRETCH. To do things that scare me or challenge me or push me out of my comfort zone. There is so much power in stretching because it's in the stretch where something can change and grow. It's not comfortable but it's satisfying .

This particular leg of my journey with money feels like it's just begun. There is still so much more to learn but I'm curious to see where it leads. 

Before this year I wasn't ready to look in these particular dark corners (we all have our dark corners) and I'm grateful that I'm ready now and thought it might be helpful to share some of the resources that I've found helpful on my journey. 

Do you have some dark corners that you're ready to peak in? Where can you stretch?
Big Love,

p.s. If you're ready to peak into your dark corners and keen to start stretching I'd love to work with you. Just contact me HERE and write “I want to set up a Clarity Call” with your phone number and we’ll set up a time to have a no pressure chat about what’s working, what’s not working and how I can help. I have room for a couple new clients and would love to work with YOU.

p.p.s. My partner Mark and I are running an Awakening the Third Eye workshop November 17 & 18 in Toronto. We've got THREE discounted early bird spots left. Find out more and register HERE

p.p.p.s. Yay!

Clear 30% More Clutter With This ONE Tip!

Do you want to know the NUMBER ONE way to get rid of more stuff when you're clearing clutter? 

I was working with a client yesterday who is getting ready to move. She had already done a big cull of her books this summer but was open to the possibility that she might be able to clear more. 

I had her look at her books again but had her make one change.

I had her take ALL of her books OFF the shelves and pile them on the floor before deciding what would stay and what would go. (This is one of Marie Kondo’s very helpful suggestions)

Screen shot 2019-02-06 at 5.05.50 PM.png

By making this one change my client was able to let go of almost 30% more books than when she was going through her books this summer. (see photo above shared with permission of the 80 extra books she was able to clear). 

So if you're ready to clear more clutter, MOVE IT!

  • Take your books off the shelf

  • Take your dresses out of the closet

  • Take your socks out of the drawer

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. YAY!


p.s. Another way of letting go of WAY more clutter is by working with me. I've opened up THREE spots for my 3 month one on one Clutter Coaching Program and I would love to work with you.  If you're motivated to transform your space and your life, contact me with your phone number and we'll set up a time to talk about how I can help.

p.p.s. TORONTO PEEPS! My partner Mark and I are running a meditation workshop called Awakening the Third Eye November 17 & 18 and would love to have you join us. This meditation work is one of the reasons I'm such an amazing coach. If you're curious I'm happy to have a chat with you about it. You can read more about it and sign up HERE.

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If you're tired, take a nap

About an hour ago I found myself scrolling mindlessly through facebook on my phone while half thinking of writing you this note when I realized that I was tired.

I was tired so I took a nap! 

Screen shot 2019-02-06 at 5.28.47 PM.png

*gasp* Say What?!

I've been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks about this idea of nourishment. I've been thinking of it in relationship to food because I just got an Instant Pot and it has me excited about food again after a phase of feeling uninspired and I'm feeling nourished by my own cooking in a way I haven't felt for awhile.  

I also feel nourished by my nap and I feel amused that it was difficult to just accept that I was tired and needed to sleep.

It seems obvious but if it was hard maybe it isn't so obvious. 

Which has me thinking about other times:

  • When I've eaten chips when I'm sad instead of connecting with myself and my feelings and letting them flow. 

  • When I've felt stuck and I've hunkered down in my stuckness instead of moving my body, even if it's just a teensy bit. 

  • When I've needed help and instead of reaching out for support I've isolated myself further. 

  • When I've felt hungry but haven't eaten.

  • When I've felt full but haven't stopped.

I imagine there are many other examples of this. What are some of yours?

My new moon intention is to eat when I'm hungry, nap when I'm tired and reach out when I need support. What's yours?


p.s. I love my clients and I love that my one on one practice has been growing over the past few months. At the moment I have room for just TWO more clients before filling my current capacity. I would LOVE to work with you if you feel called. Some of the things I've been helping clients with lately:

  • better communication

  • being more playful and creative!

  • self confidence

  • clearing clutter to make room for a promotion at work

If you're curious please contact me with your phone number and a few good times to reach you this week and I'll call you to say hi and set up a time for a complimentary no pressure Clarity Call to help you get clear on what you want support with and how I can help. 

p.p.s. Yay! 

Are You Asking For What You *Really* Want?

“Do you want to pull over here?” I asked. 
“No” he replied.

My friend Ken and I were driving between San Francisco and LA along California Hwy 1, one of the most beautiful highways in the world with incredible views of the Pacific Coast.

“What about here? Do you want to pull over here?” I asked as we approached another turn off with a breathtaking view.
“Not really” he replied again.
“Well, what about this spot? Do you want to pull over?” I asked my fists clenched, my voice tight as the most beautiful view yet came up on our right.
“Nope” said Ken.
Why wasn’t Ken doing what I wanted? Wasn’t I being clear about wanting him to pull over so I could take in the view? 
No, I wasn’t.
I was asking if he wanted to pull over and he didn’t want to pull over.

This was many years ago but if I’m remembering correctly in the end I got angry and he pulled over but it would have been much more fulfilling if I could have just asked for what I wanted.
Here are some ways I could have been clear about what I wanted.
“Ken, this view is absolutely gorgeous would you be willing to pull over?”
“Can you please pull over at the turn off ahead?”
“I’d love to stop and take in the view, can we stop at the viewpoint ahead?”
So often we think that we’re being straightforward and direct when we’re actually making huge assumptions in our communication. 
Even as someone with extensive communication training through Cuddle Party, Authentic Relating and Non-Violent communication, it’s still hard for me to identify what it is that I want and ask for it clearly.
Just as I was writing this my partner called from California where he’s meditating this week.

It was loud where he was and I felt distracted. Instead of asking for what I wanted I said “It’s really loud…” in an irritated voice followed quickly with “I’m sorry sweetie, it would have been nicer to just ask you to move.” as he was already on his way to somewhere quieter.
The times that I can ask for what I want clearly are so amazing!

Sometimes we think we're being pushy by asking for what we want when in fact we're being clear and kind. We're also making it much more likely that we're actually going to GET what we want. 

It's not a guarantee but it certainly ups the odds. 

Are you clear about what you want? Are you asking for it?

I dare you to ask for something you really want today and let me know how it goes. 
Love and clarity,

p.s. I love working on the subtleties of communication and helping clients figure out what they really want. If you want to be more powerful in your communication and your desires let’s talk. Just contact me and write “I want to set up a Clarity Call” with your phone number and we’ll set up a time to have a no pressure chat about what’s working, what’s not working and how I can help. I have room for a couple new clients and would love to work with YOU.

p.p.s. Yay! 


I’m in the middle of nowhere on an extinct volcano meditating from morning until night for the next two weeks. I feel so grateful to be here.
It doesn’t feel like the time to write very much so I’ll keep this short.
In the meditation work that I do we use a term for when life pulls us out, it’s exvolution. We experience exvolution pretty much every time we get on our phone, open our email, turn on the TV or walk out our door. Exvolution pulls us out of ourselves, out of our centre.

The cure to exvolution is involution. Involution is the process of going inside. Not inside our minds with our endless thoughts and worries but into the core of ourselves. The place that’s quiet and still. It’s not easy to get there but those moments of involution are so precious to me.

I’m curious what pulls you out in your life and what helps you to go back inside to the place that’s quiet and still?
Sending much love from this still and quiet space.
p.s. I’ll be back home on August 7th and full of fire and momentum for my clients. If you’re curious to work with me contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk as soon as I’m off the mountain. I have 2 slots open and would LOVE to work with you especially if you’re eager for transformation.
p.p.s. More love…

p.p.p.s. Today is a full moon, total lunar eclipse with the moon conjunct Mars. I'm not sure what it means but it sounds intense!

Feel Stuck? Move in!

This is my view this morning. I’m on Manitoulin Island to visit and hear my sister and her partner play a chamber music concert tonight. It’s a full house at my Mom’s place so I’m staying at the neighbours.

Screen shot 2019-02-05 at 12.41.56 PM.png

I used to just live out of my suitcase when I was staying somewhere for a few nights but as I train deeper in space clearing I’ve started letting myself be inspired by my friend Tracey Stanton, who is an amazing space clearer.

Tracey once shared with me that even if she’s only staying somewhere for one night she totally unpacks and moves in. 

So when I arrived on Wednesday evening before going to bed I hung up all my clothes, unpacked my toiletries and lined them up on the vanity and the shower ledge. Once unpacked, and with the permission of my hosts, I did a little space clearing to set the space so I would feel at home for my three night stay.

I find this concept of unpacking and moving in to be so important is all areas of my life.

In my last relationship I never let myself move in completely.

I did on the outside, we lived together and all of our physical boxes where unpacked and moved in but our emotional ones weren’t. Although we were together for almost 10 years there was always a feeling for both of us of having one foot in and one foot out.

We didn’t allow ourselves to be ALL IN.

It’s a funny thing because sometimes we don’t let ourselves be ALL IN because we’re afraid that we’re going to get stuck, when in fact the opposite happens.

We get stuck because we don’t let ourselves be ALL IN.

I’ve seen this so many times with clients. The client moves into an apartment they think is temporary so they don’t totally unpack, they don’t totally move in.

Five years later they’re surrounded by unpacked boxes, still in the basement apartment or living with their parents, because it’s only temporary.

This happens with jobs too. You get into a job you see as a stepping stone or temporary so you don’t really give it your all. It’s not forever. But then 10 years later the temporary job is your career and you’ve spent the last 8 years wondering when you might leave.

If you recognize yourself in these stories in your home, your job or your relationship, I invite you to unpack and move in completely. 

ESPECIALLY if you really want to move on but feel stuck.

My ex and I finally totally committed and “moved in” during the last three months of our relationship. It may seem backwards but after we decided to break up we stayed living together for another 2.5 months and during that time we put all of our vulnerabilities on the table and healed so many of the pains that had been unspoken in our relationship.

The last three months of our relationship were the best, most honest three months that we spent together and I feel so grateful that we gave ourselves the gift of moving in together completely before moving apart.

Where do you have unpacked boxes in your life? Where do you have one foot in and one foot out? How can you move into this moment of your life even more?

Because it’s not about how long your stay, it’s about how much you let yourself be there. 100%

If you’re not where you want to be, move in, not because you’re settling but because you deserve to feel at home exactly where you are right now even if it’s not perfect.

Lots of Love,



p.s. Need some help unpacking? I’m looking for 2 seriously motivated awesome people to join my one on one online Clutter Coaching program. If you’re curious send me an email and we’ll set up a time to chat. 

p.p.s. It’s a new moon today so it’s a great day to clean your space, unpack some boxes and set some intentions!

Cold Water and how you can work with me

Today I was on a deck looking over Georgian Bay at a rented cottage where my partner Mark and I are staying with friends for a few days. 

This was the view today, clear, bright and sharp.

Screen shot 2019-02-06 at 4.59.02 PM.png

Yesterday was another story. I made my way down the wet stone stairs walking carefully around slow moving snails with my towel wrapped around my shoulders. I felt compelled to go in the water, it was a need not a choice. A need to be baptized in the awkward, cold, slippery bay with nothing but fog in front of me, a need to slide shivering into the cold unknown.

It felt vulnerable to wade, I would have much rather run and jump triumphantly off of a dock the water hitting me all at once. That's my style but this option wasn't available to me yesterday and I'm grateful for that. I'm used to jumping into cold water and jumping out again but I'm trying to face the discomfort of life in a more consistent measured way. To face my fears not by rushing through but by slowing down to see what's there so I can navigate more effectively in the future. 

I realized that you might not know how I'm working with people these days so I wanted to slow down and tell you. That's the cold water that I'm wadding into today. You'll find my offerings below and if you're curious to work with me I'd love to connect. The first step is to set up a no pressure clarity call to explore what you deeply desire in your life right now and how I can help. If you're curious send me a quick email with your phone number and I'll contact with you to book our call. 

What are you wading into today even if it's uncomfortable? Or maybe for you today is a day to dive. I'd love to hear, just comment below to let me know. 

Lots of Love, 



One on One transformational coaching program - Minimum 3 months :

This is the core of my practice these days and it's a place where we don't rush through but create deep lasting change over time. In this process I help you connect with your desires, your authentic self and your authentic expression in the world.

We meet on the phone or online and you'll have email and text support between sessions. I've worked with clients all over the world in Vietnam, Singapore and Germany. During our time together I stand fiercely for your desires and you will feel me as a strong force on your team towards a life of connection. My coaching style is intuitive and creative and you'll leave each session with homework that will bring you more into your body, your soul and your life. Packages start at $450/month plus tax. If you're curious take a moment to email me with your telephone number and I'll contact you to book a no pressure clarity call. 

One on One Online Clutter Coaching Program:

I have a new 3 month private online clutter coaching program and I'm really excited about it. It's super effective and each session is 2 hours of pure love conducted over Zoom. Half & half, life coaching and clutter coaching, it is truly awesome… and those who have been in the program thus far have had some pretty incredible breakthroughs.

Here's what my client Julie Ann wrote to me after just our first session together:

 "Huge appreciation for you Goddess Cecilia!!! Loved loved loved our session!! Feeling like I let go of a lot physically and emotionally and spiritually!!"

- Julie Ann, Vancouver

I currently have a couple of slots open for clients interested in doing a 3 month private program with me ($450/month plus tax) if you're interested take a moment to email me with your phone number and I'll contact you to book a no pressure clarity call. 

Energetic Space Clearing in your Home:

This is where the magical part of my work really comes in. Having a space clearing in your home or office is an incredible ritual to clear and claim your space so that it works for you in helping you achieve your desires. It serves to clear the layers of energetic imprints in your home and make it a space where your dreams and desires can take root and blossom.

Space Clearing is a half day VIP service that takes place in person in your home. I create a personalized altar and ceremony just for you. It includes a phone consultation a week before to get you crystal clear on your desires and what you're making space for as well as a follow up coaching call 2 weeks after your space clearing so you can action next steps in your life.

One client recently said that her space clearing was one of the top five days in her LIFE and boy has her life changed in the months since we did the clearing. A lot of long held dreams are coming true.  

It's my favourite. It's perfect if you're going through a transition, you've just gotten divorced, you're finally ready for relationship, you're trying to have a baby, you've just moved into a new home, you're starting a new business or you've felt stuck for a long time and you're ready for things to MOVE!

The photo below is from the space clearing my partner Mark and I just did to kick start his business now that he finally has his Canadian work permit and to bring a beautiful flow and ease around money and lots of support for our relationship moving forward. 

Because of the commitment and preparation required I only offer two Space Clearings every month and rates start at $700 plus tax (includes supplies and travel costs in the GTA). If this piques your interest I please connect by sending me an email with your telephone number and I'll connect with you to book your no pressure clarity call. Space Clearing is magical and transformative and I'd love to share this experience with you.

Too Much...

Recently a new friend made a comment about me after a dance class where I was particularly “expressive”. She said:

“Don’t get me started on Miss Cecilia. She’s too much, all the time in all the right ways.”

It was incredibly touching for me to hear because I've always judged the “too much” part of myself and at the same time I often feel like I'm not enough. I'm giggling as I write that it reminds me of something that my astrologer said about me. 

She said that I talk like a bad girl but I’m a good girl inside. 

The bad girl is compelled to shock. She lives to talk about things like death and sex. She loves the F word and destroying colouring books and posting them on facebook. She likes to be daring and risky and outrageous.  

When I express my bad girl I’m visible, I’m loud, I’m seen. 

I feel like I'm “too much”. 

My good girl is so sensitive. She's shy, she's good, she worries a lot about what other people think about her. She wants to be liked. She's a good friend and a good helper. 

When I express my good girl I’m quiet, I’m hidden, I’m safe. 

I’m feel like I'm “not enough”. 

And the shame! The shame that comes with feeling too much and not enough. No more. 

I've decided that I'm going to embrace all the parts of me, including my good girl and my bad girl, the outrageous, the quiet and all the places in between. I especially want to embrace my “too much”. 

I can be all of me just as you can be all of you and you know what? We're both perfect just the way we are. 

My new moon wish for both of us is BIG love for ALL of our parts. 

Which of your parts are you going to say YES to today?


p.s. It's a new moon today at 3:43pm ET and I'm starting a new newsletter and it would be super fun if you joined me. 

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p.p.s. You know what? I would LOVE to work with you. I've been loving my one on one coaching practice and I have a new program that's perfect if you're ready to dive deep and love all of your parts too. I have 3 spots open this month and one has your name on it. Curious? Just drop me a line and we'll set up a time to talk. 

p.p.p.s. Yay!

Stop Trying To "Figure It Out" - F Clutter Wednesdays (sort of)

Have you ever tried to worry your way through a problem or figure it out? I have spent hours, days, probably years of my life trying to "figure it out" before making a move and have found that as a perfectionist it's very easy to get stuck in the worry or the figuring it out phase of an issue.

I don't know about you but I don't find it to be the most effective way to move forward, grow, expand and, you know, live my life.

A session with a client this week has me thinking about this a lot so today we have a not exactly F clutter video, more an F worry video. ;) Let me know what you think.

Are you a worrier or a figure it outer? What happens if you move before you've figured it all out? I'd love to hear so comment below.

Sending you lots of love and movement sweet one.


p.s. If you're reading this and you're not on my list, what are you waiting for?

The Power of Opening - My impulse for 2015

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

Every year I choose a theme or a word.

A few years ago it was CREATIVITY.  That’s the year choir!choir!choir! came into my life.

2014 was SUPPORT and the year saw me shift from someone who found it almost impossible to ask for and receive help to someone who asks for support almost daily.

2014 was a challenging year in many ways, beautiful too.  The biggest challenge has been my father entering into his 2nd year of palliative care.  He's recently moved from creating and doing to a state of just being. 

SUPPORT has enabled me to grow my business during a time of grief and challenge.

Because of course I can’t do it alone.  I wouldn’t be able to do it alone even if my father wasn’t dying, but my current reality has made it impossible to move forward without SUPPORT. I’ve had to ditch my loner ways and reach out even when all I want to do is hide under my purple faux fur blanket and watch Gilmore Girls.

Something beautiful is coming out of this time and something that is bringing love and connection into so many lives including my own.

Which brings me to my impulse for 2015.

My word for 2015 is OPENING.

What else is there to do but open?

Open to Love.

Open to Grief.

Open to Spirit.

Open to Connection.

Open to Self.

Open to LIFE.

I’m curious what I will discover during this year of OPENING.  What gifts and challenges await me?

What’s possible when you decide to open instead of hide?
What’s possible when you decide to open instead of fight?
What’s possible when you decide to open in the face of death?
What’s possible when you decide to say YES instead of no?

I guess I’ll find out and maybe some of you will join me for the ride.  

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a word for the year?  What did you learn last year?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Sending so much love and OPENING,

p.s. I'm organizing an incredible 7 Day Residential Meditation Retreat where you can learn the technique that has brought me the most experiences of opening and has been a tremendous support during this challenging time.  Inner Space Interactive Sourcing is deep, profound and powerful.  My dear friend Samantha Keen will be leading this workshop and I'll be assisting along with Marcela Crowe and Sue Lewis.  There is so much warmth and heart waiting for all of us at this workshop.  Support and opening.  It's coming up February 27th to March 6th at the beautiful Ecology Retreat Centre near Orangeville near Toronto and we have room for 20 sincere seekers who are looking for MORE.  Check out the event website it you're curious

p.p.s. I'm giving a talk on the Power of Opening coming up next Wednesday, January 14th at 7pm at the Centre for Social Innovation.  It's free and you can sign up HERE.


What to do with old journals?

I have NEWS and it's kind of exciting.  OK, my inner 5 year old says it's VERY exciting!

I am flying to Winnipeg to sing with Tegan and Sara in a mini choir!choir!choir! at the Junos! That’s the Canadian version of the Grammy’s for my international friends.

You can check out my audition video if you like at the end of this post.  (Yes, I had to audition, scary!)

From the Junos to old Journals...

What is your relationship to your old journals?  Do you catalog them and keep them in chronological order on your bookshelf?  Are they mouldering in the basement somewhere?  Are they long gone?

What to do with old journals is a contentious topic so I thought I would tackle it in this week's blog and video.  I'll say right now that it's very important that you do what's right for you not only when it comes to old journals but when it comes to any of your stuff.

Here's the video and I'll dig a little deeper below:

OK, so first things first, what am I talking about when I say journals? 

I'm talking about the brain dump, complaining, does s/he like me, what's wrong with me, I hate my _______ (fill in the blank: parents/boss/bf/gf/bff/husband/wife/partner/SELF/job/city/friends/body/hair/clothes/LIFE etc...) journals.

I am not talking about the latest draft of a short story you're working on or the notes you're taking for a screen play you've been thinking about.  This is not creative writing.  This is prime the pump, take out the garbage so you can actually hear what's really there, writing.

I spent years doing morning pages from the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  If you've never had a stint of doing morning pages, I highly recommend it. 

Every morning I would grab my journal, head to the bathroom (TMI?) and write for 15 minutes or 3 pages whatever came first. 

(I know what you're thinking...  Ewww, why the bathroom and if you're sitting there for 15 minutes something is wrong!)

Well, the bathroom analogy is kind of perfect because it reflects what this writing was.  A way to clean the system of worries, repetitive thoughts, anxieties and dull observations.  To clear out the crap to make way for a fresh new day. 

Julia describes morning pages this way:

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. *There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages*– they are not high art. They are not even “writing.” They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.

- Julia Cameron from the Artist's Way

Now I'm sure there are some folks who are producing beautiful, thoughtful, well-written, engaging Morning Pages, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

Half the time I would open mine with "I don't know what to write about.  I feel stupid.  I should shave my legs.  I miss the sparkly leg hair of my youth..."

So, are we clear?  Not high writing. Just thought clearing, boring, repetitive crap. 

Three pages a day for just one year amounts to 1,095 pages of writing.

If you use those cheapo 100 sheet composition notebooks from the dollar store like I do, that's about 12 journals a year.  If you've been journaling regularly for the past 5, 10, 20 years, that's 60, 120, 240 journals.


Now, the question is, what to do with all this writing?

Well, I would like to recommend that you LET IT GO!

Do you have to let it go perfectly?  No. 

  • You can burn it

  • You can shred it

  • You can rip it up

  • You can put it in the recyling bin

If you decide to burn it, make sure that you have a plan and a firepit to complete your project. The last thing you want is for the journals to go back in the basement for a year or two while you figure out how and where you'll do it.

If your mind is screaming "Cecilia's crazy, I don't want to let go of my journals!" it's OK, you don't have to. It's very important that you listen to what's right for you.

This post is meant as encouragement for those who already have an idea that they might like to let go.

And what freedom there is in letting go!  Freedom from the negative beliefs and self talk.  Ahhh...

There was great freedom achieved in writing them down in the first place and there will be great freedom experienced in letting them go.

All those years of writing morning pages changed me profoundly.  I am so grateful for the process.  I'm also grateful that I gave myself permission to say good-bye as that changed me profoundly too.

If one of your intentions is to write more or create more and you're feeling stuck this post is especially important for you.  There are great strides to be made when you let go of the old to make space for new creations.

I'm so curious to hear...  What is your relationship to your journals?  Have you ever decided to let go of old writing?  How did it feel?  Please let me know in the comments below and if you have a friend whose been talking about the boxes of journals their basement, take a moment to pass this along.

Big Heart-Wings LOVE,



p.s. It's Spring which is obviously a great time to clear clutter whether it's old patterns or old journals...  If you've been thinking about getting my help I'd love to hear from you.  Email me and we'll set up a time to chat!

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Bonus Video!  Here's my audition video for Tegan and Sara if you're curious, and if you have a TV and want to see me on it, just tune into the Junos on Sunday.  :)

Mercury is Retrograde? An interview with Astrologer Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer

It's winter!!

It's February!!

Mercury is retrograde!! 

It's the last point that I want to talk to you about this week.  I've been wanting to write a post about Mercury Retrograde for awhile now, but it never felt quite right. 

This Friday, however, I was visiting my friend and astrologer Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer (genius, btw) to get some insight into what's coming up in my life (sooooo helpful) and asked if I might interview her about Mercury Retrograde while I was there. 

You'll want to watch it if you ever travel, communicate, buy things or use electronics.  So basically, unless you're  a hermit ludite, you're going to find this helpful.

This was pretty last minute so it's not a fancy video and my hair is sticking up, but I hope it will give you some insight into this astrological phenomenon and why you might be interested in paying attention to it. 

You'll also be able to see my heart wings necklace and Julia's totally rad glasses. 

Watch the video and I'll review and share some of my insights and experiences below:

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Mercury Retrograde times for the 2014:

February 6th - 28th

June 7th - July 1st

October 4th - October 25th

If you ever want to know if mercury is retrograde you can always check out

To review, Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year and lasts for three weeks.

It's a very internal time and we really only get into trouble when we don't heed the call of mercury to take a deep breath and slooooow down.

What to watch out for during mercury retrograde?

Mercury effects travel, communication, commerce and technology.

If you have to travel, give yourself extra time and don't be too concerned if your flight is canceled.  It just means bonus time for yourself.

If there's an important communication that you need to make, just take extra special care that it gets there.  Check to make sure he got the email you sent or that the bank got your payment. Read instructions twice.  If you're in an argument make sure that the person you're talking to actually heard what you said.

If it's November 7, 2000, you live in Florida and you don't want George W Bush to win, ask to make sure your chad isn't hanging. 

It's not a great time to make big purchases or sign contracts. 

I've learned this the hard way.  I can't tell you how many things I've bought during mercury retrograde that I've later had to return, were ruined quickly or were never quite right.

Don't be surprised if your car breaks down, your computer won't talk to your printer or your texts aren't going through.  For example it took me 3 HOURS to upload this video to youtube, I risked the internet for you my dear reader.

Things can get muddled at mercury retrograde, so please be kind to yourself and the people around you. 

I once was at the airport to pick up my parents at exactly the right time but on the WRONG DAY, during mercury retrograde.  It wasn't until I was showing my calendar to the airline agent, pointing my finger on "today" that I realized they weren't arriving until "tomorrow".  Whoops?!

It's just your cue to stop and ask how you're feeling.

What is mercury retrograde good for? 

It's a great time to CLUTTER CLEAR, you heard that right my friend.  After Valentine's Day will be an even better time to clutter clear with the waning moon and mercury retrograde until the end of the month. 

Why is it such a good time to clutter clear?  Because of the internal action of mercury retrograde, it's easier to listen to yourself and how you really feel about that clearance cookbook you got from your aunt for Christmas. 

It's a great time to hatch plans, to research, to write, to think, to create, to revise and review. 

As Julia said: Plan the wedding, don't get married.  Revise the resume, don't send it out.  etc...

It's a wonderful time to spend time with yourself.  Restore, replenish and remember.  Ahhh...

A beautiful time to take a personal retreat, meditate and connect with yourself.

I have to say that I've been so full of amazing an ideas and insights since mercury went retrograde on the 6th.  It's a matter of giving myself the journaling time and the alone time to write down and process all of them.  It's a wonderful freedom to know that this is not the time to act, but to experiment in my head.

I realize that I could go on and on about mercury retrograde, but I don't want to overload you. 

But I will mention one more thing. You might notice people from your past popping up during mercury retrograde and it's also a time when things that have been dragging on for awhile get resolved. OK, that was two more things but I'm done now, I promise. 

When you can embrace it and have a sense of humour, there's a lot more ahhh than argh when it comes to mercury retrograde.


Do you have any great mercury retrograde stories to share?  I'd love to hear them below. 

Julia and I would be heart wings happy if you could share this with your friend who is wondering why her car won't start or why his flight was cancelled.  Tell them to take a deep breath, curl up with some tea and read/watch all about it.

Sending you love,



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Beat Procrastination with the SUPER TOMATO! The Pomodoro Technique

How goes your 2014 so far?  I'm not sure if I told you, but I've declared 2014 to be a "should-free" YEAR.  I invite you to join me in this revolution!

Even when you stop "shoulding" on yourself, there might still be things that you want to do, BIG cool projects, that you're finding difficult to get started on or work on consistently. 

I totally understand and that's why I'm super excited to share this procrastinating beating tool with you today.

Do you have a big project that you're working on that you find challenging to sit down and tackle?  It might be a book you're writing, a big event you're planning or a big move. 

These big projects require sustained concentrated focus and dedicated time, but that can be challenging especially if the results aren't instant. 

You know how much I love time containers. 

Unfocused time is often wasted time (hello Facebook!), and it's easy to spend hours procrastinating.

It's also easy to go too far in the other direction once you've started working, spending hours in front of the computer or packing boxes in the basement without a break to get a drink of water or even pee. 

The question is, how do you find the balance between getting started and getting things done without losing focus or burning out? 

The answer is here...

It's the SUPER TOMATO, otherwise known as the POMODORO.  

You could say the Pomodoro is the the mother (or vegetable, ha ha) of all time containers. 

I couldn't believe that I'd never heard of it before so I feel grateful to Racheal from the Yogipreneur for introducing it to me in her Fired up and Focused Challenge (SO supportive, helpful and free!).

I imagine you're wondering what the heck tomatoes have to do with getting things done. 

Why don't you watch the video and then I'll review the finer points below.

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How to Pomodoro it up!

1. Choose a task

2. Set a timer for 25 mins

3. DO IT!

4. Take a 5 minute break

5. Rinse and repeat 4 times and then take a longer break for 15-30mins or STOP

6. Yay!!

Let's break this down:

1. Task

Before you start decide how long you're going to work during this working period, in other words, how long in hours or how many pomodori.  If you just want to do 1 that's amazing.  The most important thing is that you choose your task or tasks for the time available. 

You want the task to be small enough that if it can't be finished in one pomodoro that you can at least finish it in a set (4). 

This means taking your BIG project and breaking it up into bite sized pieces. 

It's like seeing your project as a book that's broken into "chapters".  For example in creating this blog post there are several "chapters" such as shooting the video, editing the video, uploading the video to YouTube and adding captions, writing the blog post, editing the blog post etc...

Using this technique is also a great way to time how long it actually takes you to do things.  In the video I said it took me 5 pomodori (125 mins so about 2 hours not including breaks) to empty my inbox.  When you time your tasks it's great information for the future when you're planning out how long it will take you to complete a project. 

2. Set a timer for 25 minutes

You can use the timer on your phone, a kitchen timer that looks like a tomato like Cirillo or you can download a pomodoro app (there are many of them).  Whatever you use set your timer for 25 minutes

3. DO IT!

This means that you're only doing the task that you set out to do.  Your email window is closed, your phone is set to do not disturb.  If you get distracted, you come back to your task.

4. Take a 5 minute break

When the timer goes off after 25 minutes you take a 5 minute break.  If you've been sitting down, get up!  Go pee, do a few yoga poses, get a cup of tea, go outside for a bit of fresh air.  If you've been physical sit down for a moment, grab a drink of water, stop and breathe.

5. Rinse and repeat 4 times and then take a longer break for 15-30mins or STOP

After your break, come back to your task.  If you're still working on the same "chapter" come back to it or if you've finished move onto the next "chapter" you have on your list for that working period.

How many pomodori you do depends on how much time you've set aside to work on your project.  If you've decided to work for more than 2 hours, be sure to take a 15-30 minute break after you've completed 4 pomodori so you can stay fresh. 

6. YAY!

When you've finished, CELEBRATE! You beat procrastination and got something done.  Hooray!  Now you can take some time to BE.

Reminder to be Kind: This is a tool to help you get things done in a way that is sustainable and not punishing.  Be kind, take your breaks and listen to your energy levels.  You don't have to spend all day doing pomodori, but it's a great way to focus your energy to do the things that you want to do and have been putting off.  You can also play with the times (longer or shorter working periods/breaks) and see what works best for you. 


Yay!  Now it's your turn to give it a try.  Is there something that you've been wanting to do for a long time but you haven't managed to block off the time to do it?  NOW is the time. 

Find a time in your calendar, block off the time to work on your project and then Pomodoro it up.  You'll be AMAZED at how easy it is to focus and get things done when you have nice little working periods with breaks in between.

Super-BIG-Heart-Wings-Full-SUPER-TOMATO Yay!!!

Let me know how it goes in the comments below, and please pass this along to your friend who has trouble getting their big dreams into the world. 

Love and Tomatoes,



p.s. I've been getting lots of emails and calls from folks who want to work with me this year, yoohoo! My schedule is filling up quickly but there's still space for you if you want 2014 to be amazing.  This could be the year that everything changes, seriously...  Email me!

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p.p.p.s. Racheal is making my heart wings very happy these days with her kind and practical advice.  If you are an entrepreneur who works in a healing modality (or want to be) I highly recommend checking out her Fired up and Focused Challenge (where I learned about the Pomodoro).  It's free and it's so incredibly valuable, I've been truly blown away by the giving.  You can sign up HERE!


This is my new favorite c!c!c! song, perfect for your 5 minute pomodoro DANCE break!


Forget New Year's Resolutions! What's your theme for 2014?

Happy New Year! 

You'll see in the video below what I think about New Year's Resolutions (there's a reason you're seeing this on January 8th) but suffice it to say, not much.

There's so much pressure to start the year off right and pile your plate with loads of unreasonable expectations.

I have a proposal for you. 

What if this is the year you put down the stick?

What if this is the year that you connect with the part of yourself that's strong and wants to have a beautiful life and motivate yourself from there instead of trying to beat yourself toward your goals. 

I declared December a "should-free" month, but how about we declare 2014 to be a "should-free" year.

Resolutions are just shoulds and shoulds suck.  I'm sorry, but they do.  They're exhausting and make you feel like crap. 

That being said, the new year has this fresh sparkly blank sheet feel to it, but rather than fill it full of "shoulds", what if you got out your glitter glue, crayons and sticker collection and filled it with WANTS, LOVES, NEEDS AND DESIRES?

What if you nudged your new year in the direction you wanted to FEEL

I'm a big fan of themes and words for the new year watch the video to find out what my theme is for the year.

(If you're not sure what I'm doing with my hands there near the end, that's my hand sign for "Heart-Wings", that's the feeling I want the most in my life.) 

Your turn!!

What's your theme, word or flavour for 2014?

What are some of the "should sticks" you're going to put down?

Speaking and writing these for others to see is incredibly powerful and supportive so take advantage of this space and write yours in the comments below. 

If you have a friend who is always making the same "shouldy" resolutions every year, tell them to put down the stick and send this their way.  We'll both thank you. 

BIG Heart Wings Love, 



p.s. I've been getting lots of emails and calls from folks who want to work with me this year, yoohoo! My schedule is filling up quickly but there's still space for you if you want 2014 to be amazing.  This could be the year that everything changes, seriously...  Email me!

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Make space for the new year - Clearing clutter

I'm sitting here in my hot pink bathrobe singing 99 Luftballons by Nena. 

I've been in 80s and 90s nostalgia mode for a couple weeks now, drooling over Dawson from Dawson's Creek (oh those oversized clothes and floppy hair!), mourning the loss of My So Called Life and remembering all my old favorite bands (Offspring anyone?).

I've been getting a lot of calls and notes from people who have been clearing their clutter this past week so I thought you might be interested in doing some too. 

This is actually a great time to clear out the old to make way for the new... year!  (oh so corny!)

But it's true!

We're coming up to the Winter Solstice which is like the new moon of the year.  The time between the full moon and the new moon is always a great time to clear clutter and handy dandy we just had a full moon on Tuesday.  So that makes this time of year the ultimate time to clear out the dark and old to make room for the loved and LIGHT. 

Before you go to clear your clutter, take a moment to see what you want to make space for in the new year.  How do you want to feel?  What do you want to experience?  Do it from your heart, not your mind.

Use your desires to guide you in your clutter clearing efforts. If you're not sure if you should keep it or toss it, see if it supports you in what you want to create in the new year.

If you're single and want a partner, do those love letters and dried out roses support your quest for new love or hinder it?

If you're struggling in your career, are the remnants of careers and schooling past helping you find occupational bliss or holding you back?

If you're struggling financially, are all those lost puppies helping you feel rich or poor?  FYI, 'lost puppies' are those things we keep because they could be valuable if we fixed them up.  The chair that's only missing one leg, the couch that needs to be reupholstered etc...We rescued them because of their potential, but they're really just holding us back.

If you have things of actual value that you want to sell, what are you waiting for?  That's what kijiji is for and there's loads of people looking for Christmas presents right now!  (that reminds me, I have a bass guitar and an amp in the back of my closet that it's time to sell)

If 2013 left you feeling rung out and depleated, does that to do list the length of a shark make you feel motivated for the new year or exhausted?  Remember you can always cross things off before you do them.  Let go of that unfinished business now, it can be your Christmas gift to yourself.

If you have the time and the desire, go on and make some beautiful space for the new year. 

Don't do it because you should, I've declared December a "should-free" month, hence the hot pink bathrobe (with argyle socks, I might add), do it because you want MORE in 2014.

More ease, more peace, more love, more fun, more creativity, more heart and more connection. 

I'd love to hear from you!  How are you doing?  What are you making space for in 2014?  You can let me know in the comments below or if you're shy you can always send me a personal email, I read and respond to every one.

Sending you oodles of love, light and wayward holiday card sparkles.



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Do you want a real life super power?

Psst, can I tell you a secret? 

Would you believe me if I told you that I have a super power? 

Would you believe me if I told you that you can have one too? 

Last week I wrote a guest post for the brand new blog over at about a real life super power that any of us can have with a little practice. 

Have I found the secret to flight, invisibility or teleportation? 

I guess you'll just have to fly on over to find out for yourself. 

Click here to read, and please share it with your friend who has always dreamed of waking up with a super power. 


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Writer's Block and What's Underneath - Getting to Honest

When I write, I want to write from a place that’s honest and true, otherwise why bother. 

For an eternity, which in reality was probably 4-5 months, whenever I sat down to write, I was met, not by the fresh breeze of honesty, but with the smelly sticky tar that I like to call the “you’re stupid” beast.    

Trying to write with the “you’re stupid” beast hanging over my shoulder was impossible.  

Hyper critical, I hated every single word I wrote.  My writing felt stupid and derivative.  It was awful and painful so I would give up and walk away.  

A couple of weeks ago I had to write something.  I promised it to someone else.  I had a deadline. 

I had to write.

So I sat down at the computer, put on my headphones and started writing.  

The “you’re stupid” beast was there waiting to whisper it’s bad breath insults into my ear. 

Every.  Single.  Word.  Painful.

Every sentence a horrible cliche filled train wreck.  The beast was winning, so I tried another tactic.  

I started writing about the pain instead.  I wrote and I wrote and then cried and cried and then wrote and cried until my aha moment came.  

It wasn’t the writing that was painful, it was my heart that hurt.  So much grief, so much sadness, the sadness of life.

Writing out that grief, my grief, was liberating.  

When I looked up from the screen I realized the “you’re stupid” beast was gone leaving only a sticky black paw print on my shoulder and the faint odor of halitosis behind.

I was back in the honest place with the fresh salt water breeze washing over me, each wave settling my feet deeper and deeper into the sand.  I looked out onto the horizon, open, a little scared but mostly just relieved to be there.

The next day when I sat down again to write, I wasn’t sure what would be there to meet me. 

My bravery of the night before was rewarded with the hoots and hollers of seagulls, my honest space was there waiting for me.

I understand that the “you’re stupid” beast was trying to do me a favour.  He was trying to protect me from the real source of my pain.

I also understand that in order to really be in my honest space, I had to actually be honest.  Honest with myself and honest with my feelings. 

My wise friend Sarah says that as our writing demons will always be bigger than our ability.  So as you improve, your demons grow.  There’s no winning, but hopeful there are moments of grace and flow.  Moments of truth on the page.

She said that the only cure is to write for the love of writing.

You can’t write for the end result, you can’t write for the product.  You can only write for the love of it.  

It’s kind of true of everything isn’t it…  In terms of living a life that’s fulfilling.

Imagine if every day I meditated, I did it for an audience, for a grade.  All I can say is that, a lot of the time, those would be some pretty terrible grades.  What matters is that I sit there.  I show up and meditate, sometimes terribly, every single day.  That’s it.  

That’s success. 

My friend Samantha posted this Julia Cameron quote on her facebook page the other day:

"In the recovery of a blocked artist, anger is a sign of health." 

- Julia Cameron

I love this, because it’s true.  You don’t have to be an artist or a writer to know the feeling of being blocked or stuck.  

So, the question is, what’s underneath the procrastination?  What’s underneath the clutter?  There’s the discomfort of the block, but what’s underneath that?  Maybe there’s an emotion you don’t want to feel or a belief that you have about the situation.  Your job is to be the archeologist, looking to see what’s underneath.

Fear, anger, grief or maybe when you look closer it's not scary at all, it's just you.

You might have a sticky beast of your own waiting for you, so just go under it until you get to the fresh breeze of what you really want.  

Is it easy?  Not always.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

I’m writing this for you my dear friend, but also for myself, so that when I smell the beast coming I can gather the bravery needed to feel what I'm really feeling and move through to the other side.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a sticky beast that keeps you from what’s important and real?  How do you deal with it?  Let me know in the comments below.

Please share this with your friend who is having trouble writing, dating or taking the leap, they’ll thank you later.

Sending you so much love,

p.s. Are you feeling stuck?  Let's talk about it, just send me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

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The Time Container aka The Best Tool to Deal with your Poopy Procrastinating Perfectionist

In case you're wondering why things have been a little wonky the past day or two, mercury went retrograde yesterday and will stay that way until November 10th. 


Mercury retrograde is an astrological event that happens about three times a year and although it's a pain in many ways (communication mix ups, travel delays, electronic or mechanical breakdowns and not a great time to make big purchases or finalize important decisions) it's a fantastic time to clear clutter and deal with unfinished business.  It's also a great time to plan and research.

We're all so busy, busy, busy, mercury retrograde is just telling us to slow down and reassess.  This is a time to be internal, to listen and transform.  I find it a great reminder to be patient, to stop grasping and pushing.

I'm laughing because I've had so many issues getting this latest post up I now know why all my astrologer friends send out information on mercury retrograde before mercury goes retrograde.  Smart, smart.  It's been a good reminder to be patient.  ;)

So, in honour of mercury retrograde I want to re-introduce to you the single most helpful tool that I've found to clear clutter and unfinished business.  The time container!  

Last week after dinner, I wanted to snuggle up on the couch to watch some Netflix instead of cleaning the kitchen, but I also knew that waking up to a messy kitchen would be a drag.  So when my sweetie suggested using a time container to clean up I jumped on the opportunity.

I set the timer for 15 minutes and when it went off, the kitchen was totally clean, dishes washed and dried, counters wiped down and there was even enough time left over to take the garbage out.

Wow!  I had forgotten about this simple and powerful tool.  The time container is so totally rad that even though I wrote about it in my very first blog post, I’m going to write about it again.  

I used it in the coming days to complete a number of tasks that had been plaguing me.  

The mouldering things in the fridge I had been meaning to get to for weeks (I know, gross), took me a total of 5 minutes to throw out.

The container  cupboard that had been driving me crazy for months, 15 minutes to toss, clean and organize.

The messy dry goods cupboard, where some very stale croutons had been skulking since June and oatmeal from the bulk food store was waiting patiently in a plastic bag for a mason jar, took all of 10 minutes to deal with.  

What amazes me about procrastination, is that the energy it takes to NOT do something is so much more than the time and energy it takes to actually do it.

Not doing things is totally exhausting.  

One issue with procrastination is that we lump too many tasks together and then get into an all or nothing perfectionist mind set.  

Procrastination and perfectionism are besties.

Looking at my kitchen from a perfectionist standpoint, I saw all of those little jobs and lumped them together along with all the other chores I had to do, until it became one big overwhelming mess.  

As we all know, when it comes to a choice between all or nothing, nothing is most likely to win.  

How do you combat nothing?  By doing something very small.  

You just have to accept that your perfectionist is never going to be happy.  Even if you managed to do it ALL, your perfectionist would come up with a whole list of other things that you hadn’t accomplished, or see the flaws in what you did do.  

“Who cares if you just cleaned every single inch of your house and got rid of all your clutter, you never did get that PhD in neuroscience, did you?  Oh, and you missed a spot...”

Let’s face it, perfectionism is a total poopy head.

Fortunately the Time Container is the best way to shush your poopy procrastinating perfectionist.

Instructions for the Time Container

Step One - Choose a task and be realistic

What does this mean?  It means, don’t let your poopy perfectionist choose the task.  Instead, choose something small, really small.  For example you’re not going to clean out your whole dresser in 5-15 minutes, but you could tackle the sock drawer.  Be specific!  Cleaning is not a specific task, vacuuming the living room is.

Step Two - Set a timer for 5 - 15 minutes

Your poopy perfectionist is trying to convince you at this very moment that there’s absolutely nothing you can complete in 5-15 minutes, but that’s a lie.  If you really focus your energy and attention there’s a lot you can get done in 5-15 minutes.  Try it!  Be clear and relentlessly come back to your task during the time container.  If you don't like the idea of a timer, use three songs on your favorite playlist.

Step Three - DO IT!!!!  

This is self explanatory.  Once the timer is set and running, tackle your task fervently.  Always coming back to it if you get distracted.  If you’re doing the dishes and get distracted, come back to the dishes, come back to the dishes, come back to the dishes.

Step Four - When the timer goes off…  STOP!

Why do you stop?  Once you start, your poopy perfectionist might take over and move into ALL mode.  Next thing you know it's 4am, you're crying over old love letters or cleaning the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush. You stop to honour your boundaries.  You stop so the next time you try a time container the part of you that's resistant knows that 15 minutes means 15 minutes, not four hours.  Now, if at the end of the time container you really want to continue, that’s OK, just be sure that you check in with yourself first and then set another time container.  You don’t want the experience to go from positive to punishing.

Step Five - CELEBRATE!!!!!!!    

I took a workshop once where we were asked to make a list of all the events in our lives that we hadn’t celebrated.  I was shocked to find some really big events on my list like graduating from high school and university.  As far as the poopy perfectionist is concerned nothing is important enough to celebrate.  

Why celebrate? You celebrate to practice acknowleding the little things so that it’s easier to acknowledge the big things.  The celebration could be as simple as putting on a song you really love, making a cup of tea or calling a friend.  Most of the time I just leave the room and then come back in for the big reveal or open the cupboard again and again to admire my work.

YAY!  The time container rocks.

To review:

  1. Choose a realistic task
  2. Set a timer for 5-15 minutes
  3. Do it!
  4. Stop
  5. CELEBRATE!!!!

There you have it, the tool that will change your freakin’ life!

It’s your turn!  Right now, take five minutes to do a little task that you’ve been putting off forever.  Seriously, right now, you can do it!  It doesn't have to be clutter, it can be anything.

See you in 5...

Yay!!!  You did it!  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.  Let me know what you did and how it was to use the time container.  I’d also love to hear if you have any tools that help you deal with your poopy perfectionist procrastinator.

Please share this with your friend who needs a little help cleaning her fridge.

Big love,

p.s. I have a new office space in the Annex at Jaya Integrative Health Centre!  Are you feeling stuck?  I can help, and have room for 4 new clients.  Just email to book your session. 

p.p.s. Thank you for all the supportive words for my meditation workshop earlier this month.  It was absolutely beautiful.

p.p.p.s. If you're reading this and you're not on my list, you should really get yourself on it!  Just pop on over here to get on!  All the cool kids are doing it!