Love, Love, Love

Hello you! You know what? I am so incredibly grateful for you. You are brave, you are inspiring and I’m in awe of how you challenge yourself on a daily basis. Sure, some days the challenge is getting out of bed and having a shower. That’s ok because there are also the days where you slay dragons and rescue royalty and sometime’s even rescue yourself.

It’s Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day/Palentine’s Day if that’s more your speed) and I wanted to take a moment to say that I love you and appreciate you deeply.

I also have a question for you.

How do you love and appreciate yourself?

It could be a big thing or a small thing and I’d love to hear it in the comments below (I have a comments section that works, that’s so exciting!)

Today I loved myself by listening to music and dancing in the bathroom while I got ready. I’m also feeling deep appreciation for myself for creating this new website. Go me!

Sending so much love to you!



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