Make a Date!

If you are having trouble getting stuff done, you might just need some support.  Read on..

For example.  I've been trying to deal with some filing I had hanging around for...  let's see now... ok, I'll be honest...

 *deep breath*


There, I said it!

 Anyhow, obviously I've been having some trouble getting to this pile of filing and what I really needed was a little support and motivation.  I had tried scheduling time to do it in my palm pilot, but the task remained unchecked.  I tried making a commitment to myself to deal with it, but obviously it didn't work.

So this is what I did instead.  I made a date! 

This is a fantastic tool that I learned from my friend and mentor Elizabeth Verwey, small office mentor and creator of The Mentor's Circle.

The Miraculous Motivational Date!

 Step 1 - Find a Buddy

Find a friend or colleague who could also use some support.  I like to do this with other folks who are self-employed, but I find that most everybody has some tasks that they've been putting off, whether it's doing their taxes, cleaning their bedroom or setting up a website.

Step 2 - Make a Date

Choose  a date and a time to work together.  Choose a time of day that is good for you energy wise and set aside 2-3 hours.  For example, this Wednesday I had a date from 10am to 12noon.

Step 3 - Choose your Task

This is a great opportunity to tackle what Elizabeth calls the "yucky jobs".  These are the jobs you've been putting off forever, like making that phone call, filing your taxes, getting started on your website, cleaning your office etc...

Step 4 - Make the call - Make it quick

At the beginning of the first hour, call your buddy  and check in for two minutes each.  During this check in you will tell your buddy what you're going to accomplish in the first hour and your buddy will do the same.  This is not the time for a chat, you're just calling to say "I'm going to clean the bathroom now!" or "I'm going to finish editing my essay!".

Step 5 - Call back

At the beginning of the next hour call your buddy back to check in.  Celebrate your accomplishments from the first hour and set your goals for the second hour.

Step 6 - Repeat as needed

Depending on how many hours you have set aside, repeat steps 3 - 5 as needed.  I encourage you to choose a different task or set of tasks for each hour.  If you are working on one larger project for the whole time, break it up into manageable and distinctive chunks.


I can't tell you how much I love this tool!! 

I actually managed to get this blog up in only an hour using this tool.  If I hadn't had the clear time structure and support, I could have spent days trying to choose the "perfect" layout and the "perfect" colours.  Instead, I just stuck to the time I had and put what you see here up on the web.   

I also finally got that filing done, this morning in fact.  Phew, it feels good!

Try if for yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments below.



p.s. If you're reading this and you're not on my list, you should really get yourself on it!  Just pop on over here to join!  All the cool kids are doing it!