Spring's Reveal

I love this time of year! I love that the sun starts to feel like sun again, that it comes to visit earlier every morning and sticks around later every evening. There is a feeling of hopefulness and change in the air. Spring is still a ways off in Toronto, but I can hear the birds outside my window gossiping about their plans for Spring break.

As much as I look forward to Spring itself, there is something sweet and tantalizing about anticipating it's arrival. Like a trip you've been planning for awhile, part of the fun is the departure date moving closer and closer. I love the slow process of revelation that comes with Spring. A puddle of water here, a hint of grass there, the first snow drops, the smells, the animals coming out to play.

Spring's reveal reminds me of the process of clearing clutter. Just as we don't wake up one morning and find all our clutter magically gone, we work through it bit by bit. A section of floor revealed here, a table uncovered there. As we work through our space it's not just bookshelves and counters that come to light, it's also those parts of ourselves that have remained hidden. Our hopes, our dreams, our hearts, our desires. Slowly there is a chance for them to come out and stretch and play in the light and manifest themselves in surprising and beautiful ways.

If you are looking for inspiration to let go of clutter and embrace your space, Tracey Stanton, Professional Space Clearer and Clutter Clearer extraordinaire will be in Toronto to offer Karen Kingston's famous "Feng Shui and the Art of Space Clearing" workshop trilogy in April, for the very first time in Canada.