Take a Me Day!

I'm grateful that I finished knitting up my cozy wristies for these blustery days.  I'll be happier when there's a good amount of the white stuff on the ground.  Brightens up the dark winter days. 

I have a question for you.
Are you good at taking time for yourself? 

Do you ever take time off, but then feel guilty or feel like you should be doing something else?

Well, I have a cure for you, it's called ME TIME!

Sounds selfish, doesn't it?  And it is, in the most delicious way.

I took a “me day” this week and decided I would make a little video about it.

Now it's your turn!  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below

When are you going to take some me time?  Remember it could be just an hour.

What would you like to do (or not do) to enjoy your time off?

If you're a me time expert, tell me how you like to take time for yourself.

FYI, email, telephone and youtube are sandtraps to be avoided during your me time.  More often than not (and I know this from experience) it's just fodder for anxiety and worries, especially if you're trying to take some time off. 

Put your phone on airport mode, close your computer and run a bath. 

I always love hearing from you so drop me a line with any questions you might have and please pass this along to your pal who never takes a day off.

Take care,



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