The Magic of Stuff - An Interview Avec Moi, Cecilia

This week I'm coming to you from a very cold extinct volcano in Northern Califonia, aka the meditation school I study with.  Yes, I had to travel to California for snow in March, that's what kind of winter we've been having in Toronto. 

As the internet here is 90s slow (OK, maybe more like 2002 slow) I'm going to make this short and sweet. 

Back in the fall I did a fun interview on the Magic of Stuff with Robbie Wychwood for his brand new blog 'Magic for Muggles'.  We met over a lovely lunch in the members lounge at the Art Gallery of Ontario (one of my favorite places in Toronto).  He was planning on writing an article on clearing clutter, but found the interview so entertaining that he decided to transcribe and publish it in 6 parts.  Below you'll find the first three parts. 

The Magic of Stuff Part One
- How I found the world of clutter clearing.
The Magic of Stuff Part Two - A bit more about my own clutter clearing process and how we hold on to stuff so we can keep telling ourselves an old story.
The Magic of Stuff Part Three - About a very special box I found in my basement and what was in it.  Mysterious...

I hope you enjoy the interview.  There are three more weeks to go but if you miss them I'll be sure to send you a link once the series is complete.

Sending you cool California sunshine.  :)

Take care,
Cecilia Moorcroft