Be Honest With Your Closet

Do you ever find yourself trying on outfit after outfit only to find that each one is a little off?  You can't do up the zipper, the buttons are popping at the chest and those jeans from high school, they won't even get past your ankles.  After the third outfit that's more muffin top than hot mama, how do you feel? 
I know how I feel...  shitty!  And you know what I do when I feel shitty?  I eat a cupcake, or three.

Now imagine a world where you open your closet and everything inside fits you.  Not only that, but it makes you feel GOOD.  The fabric is wonderful and the colours make you feel alive, and the cuts are flattering.  How would that make you feel?  How would you feel when you start your day?  How would you feel out in the world? 

Maybe you keep the too small clothes in your closet because you think that they'll serve as motivation to get you off your ass and to the gym, but do they really?

I'll tell you something.  At one point in time I was a much bigger gal than I am now.  Some days I felt OK about that, but a lot of the time I felt bad about myself.  I felt like a failure, like a lazy slob.  Everyday I would open my closet to find a whole bunch of clothes that didn't fit.  Too tight jeans, that dress I wore once, the skirt I bought in the hopes that I would shrink to fit into it.  Depressing, but for some reason I couldn't let them go. 
One day I decided to choose me.  I let go of ALL the clothes that didn't fit me and only kept the ones that fit and that made me feel good. 

What a difference!  Suddenly I could open my closet and feel acknowledged and respected.  My wardrobe felt current and supportive.  Everything fit.  Everything felt good. 
Any idea what happened next?  That’s right, without going on a “diet”, without consciously changing my lifestyle, my body began to change.  I began to change!  I felt more present in my life, I felt happier in my body and my relationship to food started to shift. 
Do yourself a solid and be honest with your closet.  It might be painful in the moment of letting go, but your body, heart and soul will thank you for it when you can open your closet and see your current self reflected back.

I'd love to hear any thoughts, questions or experiences you have about the too small clothes in your life below.  Good luck! 

Take care,
Cecilia Moorcroft