Who's Hiding In Your Fridge?

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have a very sad looking watermelon in my fridge.  It's still whole, some of it's skin is still green, but it's covered in little brown spots like an old woman who spent her life by the ocean.  Not very appetizing. 

Why is it there?  Well, I suppose I must have bought it.  I got it at a nice health food store in my neighbourhood, they had a huge octagonal box outside full of these tiny watermelons, perfect to carry home and enjoy.  It was a hot day when I bought it and it had a super cute name like, "the sweetest most adorable watermelon you'll ever know!". 

I couldn't resist.  I could just see me and my little melon living it up in the sunshine, running through sprinkler rainbows, grooving on the slip and slide, intimidating each other with our super soakers.  We'd sit on the curb, as the sun set and the cicadas turned up the volume, our heads almost touching as we told summer secrets, summer crushes, bruised knees and sun burnt noses.

But tonight I realize that all those promises of the best summer ever, didn't materialize .  The sweetest most adorable watermelon, is now none of those things, it's promises unfulfilled, it's tasty pink pages closed.

Where am I going with this?  Good question. 

It's just that this watermelon situation, it is not the exception.  More often than not there is something mouldering in my fridge or shivering in my freezer, something that I bought and then forgot I had.

Farmer's Markets are the worst.  The produce isn't displayed in boring old rows like at the supermarket, it's been merchandised.  They have samples!

Little baskets overflowing with perfectly ripe strawberry tomatoes (those ones are new and 110% more enticing to buy than boring old cherry tomatoes, *yawn*).  Hand woven bins with a medley of new potatoes, the reds laughing it up with those rare purples and the regular white ones.  Carrots!  With tops!  Candy striped beets cut open so you can see the carnival inside.

There's the stuff you've never heard of and you're not sure what to do with, ramps and sea asparagus, ground cherries and romanesco. 

"But it's so pretty!  It's from the farmers market!" 

My Achilles heel is leeks.  A little while ago I was at a little fruit and veg shop and saw the fattest most beautiful looking leeks.  They were huge, organic and the greens were so green.  They were perfect.  I'm aware of my fresh produce issue, so I tried to leave them there, but I couldn't. I was worried that someone else would buy them who didn't care how perfect they were.  I put them in my shopping bag and hoped that I would come up with a suitable recipe for such gorgeous leeks.  

I didn't.  I found them a couple of weeks later, grey and slimy, and they were so disappointed in me.  

So, now I have a rule.  I can only buy pretty produce if I have a specific plan for it which includes a date.  So it can't be some vague plan to make Vichyssoise, with those incredible leeks, I need to know the specific day and meal. 

It's just that simple.

I'm going to run and clean out my fridge now, but I'd love to hear what's in yours.  Do you have food clutter?  Is there a kind of food you just have to buy even if you never end up actually eating it?  Mosey on down to the comments and spill your beans (ha ha, get it, beans are a food!). 

If you liked this, I would be delighted, like big fat leeks delighted, if you shared it with a friend. Seriously, I'll cook you up some ramp stew, but not until next Spring, it's a seasonal thing...

Take care, 

p.s. Hey!  Remember last week I was talking about those books I was going to either read or get rid of?  Well, I just wanted to give you an update.  I am almost done The War of Art.  It's really good and has inspired me to sign up for an Art Journaling course.  AND, this is even more exciting, remember the rock and roll dreams I had?  Well, after getting rid of Rock and Roll will Save Your Life, guess what I did last Friday?  I sang!  On a stage!  In front of people!  Mind you, I was one of about 100 people, but still, I did it!  I don't think I would have if I hadn't really looked at that book and remembered my rock star longings. Here's a peek of the singing, super extra bonus points if you can find me (psst, look to the right).
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