Mercury is Retrograde? An interview with Astrologer Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer

It's winter!!

It's February!!

Mercury is retrograde!! 

It's the last point that I want to talk to you about this week.  I've been wanting to write a post about Mercury Retrograde for awhile now, but it never felt quite right. 

This Friday, however, I was visiting my friend and astrologer Julia Wawrzyniak-Beyer (genius, btw) to get some insight into what's coming up in my life (sooooo helpful) and asked if I might interview her about Mercury Retrograde while I was there. 

You'll want to watch it if you ever travel, communicate, buy things or use electronics.  So basically, unless you're  a hermit ludite, you're going to find this helpful.

This was pretty last minute so it's not a fancy video and my hair is sticking up, but I hope it will give you some insight into this astrological phenomenon and why you might be interested in paying attention to it. 

You'll also be able to see my heart wings necklace and Julia's totally rad glasses. 

Watch the video and I'll review and share some of my insights and experiences below:

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Mercury Retrograde times for the 2014:

February 6th - 28th

June 7th - July 1st

October 4th - October 25th

If you ever want to know if mercury is retrograde you can always check out

To review, Mercury Retrograde happens 3-4 times a year and lasts for three weeks.

It's a very internal time and we really only get into trouble when we don't heed the call of mercury to take a deep breath and slooooow down.

What to watch out for during mercury retrograde?

Mercury effects travel, communication, commerce and technology.

If you have to travel, give yourself extra time and don't be too concerned if your flight is canceled.  It just means bonus time for yourself.

If there's an important communication that you need to make, just take extra special care that it gets there.  Check to make sure he got the email you sent or that the bank got your payment. Read instructions twice.  If you're in an argument make sure that the person you're talking to actually heard what you said.

If it's November 7, 2000, you live in Florida and you don't want George W Bush to win, ask to make sure your chad isn't hanging. 

It's not a great time to make big purchases or sign contracts. 

I've learned this the hard way.  I can't tell you how many things I've bought during mercury retrograde that I've later had to return, were ruined quickly or were never quite right.

Don't be surprised if your car breaks down, your computer won't talk to your printer or your texts aren't going through.  For example it took me 3 HOURS to upload this video to youtube, I risked the internet for you my dear reader.

Things can get muddled at mercury retrograde, so please be kind to yourself and the people around you. 

I once was at the airport to pick up my parents at exactly the right time but on the WRONG DAY, during mercury retrograde.  It wasn't until I was showing my calendar to the airline agent, pointing my finger on "today" that I realized they weren't arriving until "tomorrow".  Whoops?!

It's just your cue to stop and ask how you're feeling.

What is mercury retrograde good for? 

It's a great time to CLUTTER CLEAR, you heard that right my friend.  After Valentine's Day will be an even better time to clutter clear with the waning moon and mercury retrograde until the end of the month. 

Why is it such a good time to clutter clear?  Because of the internal action of mercury retrograde, it's easier to listen to yourself and how you really feel about that clearance cookbook you got from your aunt for Christmas. 

It's a great time to hatch plans, to research, to write, to think, to create, to revise and review. 

As Julia said: Plan the wedding, don't get married.  Revise the resume, don't send it out.  etc...

It's a wonderful time to spend time with yourself.  Restore, replenish and remember.  Ahhh...

A beautiful time to take a personal retreat, meditate and connect with yourself.

I have to say that I've been so full of amazing an ideas and insights since mercury went retrograde on the 6th.  It's a matter of giving myself the journaling time and the alone time to write down and process all of them.  It's a wonderful freedom to know that this is not the time to act, but to experiment in my head.

I realize that I could go on and on about mercury retrograde, but I don't want to overload you. 

But I will mention one more thing. You might notice people from your past popping up during mercury retrograde and it's also a time when things that have been dragging on for awhile get resolved. OK, that was two more things but I'm done now, I promise. 

When you can embrace it and have a sense of humour, there's a lot more ahhh than argh when it comes to mercury retrograde.


Do you have any great mercury retrograde stories to share?  I'd love to hear them below. 

Julia and I would be heart wings happy if you could share this with your friend who is wondering why her car won't start or why his flight was cancelled.  Tell them to take a deep breath, curl up with some tea and read/watch all about it.

Sending you love,



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