Cold Water and how you can work with me

Today I was on a deck looking over Georgian Bay at a rented cottage where my partner Mark and I are staying with friends for a few days. 

This was the view today, clear, bright and sharp.

Screen shot 2019-02-06 at 4.59.02 PM.png

Yesterday was another story. I made my way down the wet stone stairs walking carefully around slow moving snails with my towel wrapped around my shoulders. I felt compelled to go in the water, it was a need not a choice. A need to be baptized in the awkward, cold, slippery bay with nothing but fog in front of me, a need to slide shivering into the cold unknown.

It felt vulnerable to wade, I would have much rather run and jump triumphantly off of a dock the water hitting me all at once. That's my style but this option wasn't available to me yesterday and I'm grateful for that. I'm used to jumping into cold water and jumping out again but I'm trying to face the discomfort of life in a more consistent measured way. To face my fears not by rushing through but by slowing down to see what's there so I can navigate more effectively in the future. 

I realized that you might not know how I'm working with people these days so I wanted to slow down and tell you. That's the cold water that I'm wadding into today. You'll find my offerings below and if you're curious to work with me I'd love to connect. The first step is to set up a no pressure clarity call to explore what you deeply desire in your life right now and how I can help. If you're curious send me a quick email with your phone number and I'll contact with you to book our call. 

What are you wading into today even if it's uncomfortable? Or maybe for you today is a day to dive. I'd love to hear, just comment below to let me know. 

Lots of Love, 



One on One transformational coaching program - Minimum 3 months :

This is the core of my practice these days and it's a place where we don't rush through but create deep lasting change over time. In this process I help you connect with your desires, your authentic self and your authentic expression in the world.

We meet on the phone or online and you'll have email and text support between sessions. I've worked with clients all over the world in Vietnam, Singapore and Germany. During our time together I stand fiercely for your desires and you will feel me as a strong force on your team towards a life of connection. My coaching style is intuitive and creative and you'll leave each session with homework that will bring you more into your body, your soul and your life. Packages start at $450/month plus tax. If you're curious take a moment to email me with your telephone number and I'll contact you to book a no pressure clarity call. 

One on One Online Clutter Coaching Program:

I have a new 3 month private online clutter coaching program and I'm really excited about it. It's super effective and each session is 2 hours of pure love conducted over Zoom. Half & half, life coaching and clutter coaching, it is truly awesome… and those who have been in the program thus far have had some pretty incredible breakthroughs.

Here's what my client Julie Ann wrote to me after just our first session together:

 "Huge appreciation for you Goddess Cecilia!!! Loved loved loved our session!! Feeling like I let go of a lot physically and emotionally and spiritually!!"

- Julie Ann, Vancouver

I currently have a couple of slots open for clients interested in doing a 3 month private program with me ($450/month plus tax) if you're interested take a moment to email me with your phone number and I'll contact you to book a no pressure clarity call. 

Energetic Space Clearing in your Home:

This is where the magical part of my work really comes in. Having a space clearing in your home or office is an incredible ritual to clear and claim your space so that it works for you in helping you achieve your desires. It serves to clear the layers of energetic imprints in your home and make it a space where your dreams and desires can take root and blossom.

Space Clearing is a half day VIP service that takes place in person in your home. I create a personalized altar and ceremony just for you. It includes a phone consultation a week before to get you crystal clear on your desires and what you're making space for as well as a follow up coaching call 2 weeks after your space clearing so you can action next steps in your life.

One client recently said that her space clearing was one of the top five days in her LIFE and boy has her life changed in the months since we did the clearing. A lot of long held dreams are coming true.  

It's my favourite. It's perfect if you're going through a transition, you've just gotten divorced, you're finally ready for relationship, you're trying to have a baby, you've just moved into a new home, you're starting a new business or you've felt stuck for a long time and you're ready for things to MOVE!

The photo below is from the space clearing my partner Mark and I just did to kick start his business now that he finally has his Canadian work permit and to bring a beautiful flow and ease around money and lots of support for our relationship moving forward. 

Because of the commitment and preparation required I only offer two Space Clearings every month and rates start at $700 plus tax (includes supplies and travel costs in the GTA). If this piques your interest I please connect by sending me an email with your telephone number and I'll connect with you to book your no pressure clarity call. Space Clearing is magical and transformative and I'd love to share this experience with you.