A Lovely Day to Love Yourself!

Happy Valentines Day!  I know that today is generally all about how much you love other people and how much money you can spend to prove it.

Let this be a short and sweet invitation to Choo Choo Choose YOU this February 14th.  An invitation to BEE friends with yourself!

What are some ways that you can show yourself a little love?

You could...

  • Write yourself a love letter and send it
  • Wear those extra special undies
  • Wear anything cashmere
  • Have a bath with sea salt and a few of drops of rose oil
  • Eat something energizing
  • Use the "good" china
  • Treat yourself to a pair of fabulous socks
  • Take yourself on a date
  • Walk in the woods
  • Ask to pet the cute dog
  • Visit neighbourhood cats
  • Make a snow angel
  • Dance in your living room
  • Make a craft for YOU
  • Stretch and breathe
  • Use every cream, lotion, bubble bath, deep conditioner, bath bomb, face mask and blush that you've been "saving"
  • Take an hour to read in your favorite chair with a cup of tea
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Turn off the computer
  • Put on your fuzzy slippers

What do you do when you need to feel extra loved?  I'd love to hear it in the comments below!

Take care,
Cecilia Moorcroft