If you Want to Write, WRITE!

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am not a big fan of resolutions (ugh!) but I LOVE intentions (yay!). 

My one word intention for this year is creativity.  Wow!  I can't tell you how many beautiful opportunities have come my way because of that one word. 

I've been writing more (as you see here), I've been moving my body 3 times a week, I've been crafternooning, I've been singing, I've been cooking and, I have to tell you, it feels SO good!  There's more to do...  I can feel this itch in my belly that wants to paint, BIG paint.  I've never painted so it feels a little scary, but I'm going to go with it.  As I've learned in the past, fear is good.

A few years ago I worked with a lovely woman who really wanted to write for a living.  During our initial consultation she said "I'm going to start The Artist's Way once I'm done clearing my clutter!" and I said "You're going to start it tomorrow!".  Guess what she does for a living now?  That's right, she writes!

So often we push aside the things that we really want to do until we're perfect.  It's so important when we're clearing our clutter, or just living our lives, that we start doing the things on our "I Really Want To Do List" NOW! 

Don't wait until you've:
lost the weight
cleared the clutter
quit the job
moved to the city
got the guy/gal
lost the guy/gal 

Do it NOW! 

It's this simple.  If you want to write, WRITE!  If you want to sing, SING!  If you want to disco dance to Le Freak by Chic, DISCO DANCE TO LE FREAK BY CHIC!

What's on your "Really Want" to do List?  Voice your intention and then follow through.  As always, I'd love to hear how it goes.

Take care,

Cecilia Moorcroft

p.s. If you do want to write, my dear friend Sarah Selecky has created an absolutely beautiful online writing course.  Sarah, a long-time writing teacher and Giller nominated author, knows the sticky bits and she knows how to write through them.  I came to Sarah absolutely terrified of writing.  Now, every newsletter I write is a little toast to Sarah, with a side of Edamame sprinkled with smoked sea salt.  It's all about the details darling...