Is What You Have, What You Want?

I love a good question.  I collect good questions, not in a clutter way, in a mull it over while sipping a perfect cup of Pink Grapefruit Sencha way. 

I rummage through bargain bins and flea markets for good questions.  I pluck them from blossoming cherry trees.  I find them like twigs in my hair after a walk through the forest.  I overhear them in coffee shops.  I salvage them from the side of the road. 

I siphon them all into the specially built question keeper in my heart and wait for them to grow roots.

Recently a friend asked me this very simple question:

"Is what you have what you want?"

You may find this surprising given what I do, but the background noise of my life often goes something like this:  "I can't have what I want.  What I want doesn't matter.  Why even bother asking for what I want, I won't get it anyway.  It's better not to want anything, that way I won't be disappointed."  Most of the time it's a train passing through town, I can hear the distant whistle and then it's gone.  Other times it's a dank moldy smell I can't seem to find the source of, constant.

"Is what I have what I want?"

What a good question!  I've been instructed to ask this about everything. 

  • About my socks - They feel really good, but I'm not crazy about the colour. 
  • About my tea pot - YES!  I searched, I pined, I purchased.
  • About my cellphone - It gets the job done but it's no iPhone. 
  • About my spring jacket - NO, it's falling apart and makes me feel dumpy. 
  • About my fruit bowl - It's the perfect shade of turquoise and I LOVE IT! 
  • About my face cream - It's not my favorite, I bought this one because I thought I shouldn't spend the extra money on Dr Hauschka. 
I received additional instructions about asking this question.  The most important thing about this question is asking it.  If the answer is no, it doesn't mean I need to toss the socks or the jacket (although I can if I want), the idea is to paint a picture of my life. 

Is the life I have the life I want?  Did I loose a button or two somewhere along the way?

The most striking thing that I've noticed in asking this question is that there are so many places in my life where things have slid from YES! to so so...  It's not that I have to change it all at once, but just bringing it into my awareness has created a shift.  The more I ask, the more I create the life I want.  I know one thing for sure, I need more cashmere in my life!

Now it's your turn.  Start with the small things and work your way up. 

"Is what you have what you want?". 

As always let me know how it goes in the comments below.  I'd also love to hear some of your favorite questions, for my collection.  ;)

Ask away brave questioner, ask away!

Take care,
Cecilia Moorcroft